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Natural Support
for Degenerative 
Eye Disease

Optimohr is a specially formulated eye drop designed specifically to prevent and manage degenerative eye diseases.  

- Macular Degeneration

- Glaucoma

- Cataract

- Chronic Dry Eyes

Only high quality
and non-GMO Ingredients

Optimohr is formulated and designed to contain high quality antioxidants and ingredients that are nutritive to the eyes. 

- Lipoic Acid

- Mucopolysaccharides

- Ginkgo Biloba

- Carotenoids (Lutein, Lycopene)

- Bilberry



While OPTImohr is excellent for supporting preexisting eye conditions, it is also effective in

preventing oxidative injury to healthy eyes.

Optimohr is high in antioxidants and is effective 

in slowing down degenerative processes. 

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“Look” ahead, your eyes are precious -
avoid surgery and prevent future disorders now.

optimohr eye drops
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